About Us

Founded in 2006 by Sonia Benoit, WishBuds is a Quebec company that stands out for its concern for the environment and that innovates through the products and services it offers. The main activity of WishBuds is to design, market and distribute original products mainly made of paper containing flower seeds. The main products offered are greeting cards, invitations, bookmarks, paper-based promotional products and packaging. The particularity of paper-based products made from seed paper lies in the metamorphosis into flowers. When planted, the seeds germinate and transform into beautiful flowers. WishBuds is a new way to symbolize a celebration, to mark an event and to offer wishes, wishes that bloom! Wishbuds distributes these products primarily through gift stores, educational institutions and non-profit organizations and works with the corporate community. Many seed paper-based products can be customized or made to measure according to your needs. If you have any ideas, we will be happy to work with you to develop them!