How is it possible for paper to grow flowers?

We put seeds in the paper when we made it.

What is paper made of?

Paper is mainly made from recycled post-consumer paper and decomposes in the ground.

What flowers will grow?

The seed mix is made up of various annual and vavacious varieties such as baby breath, clarkia, poppy flower, birds eye, snapdragon and catchfly.  One or more varieties are likely to grow since the seed mixture is randomly arranged in the paper.

Does it grow indoors?

The paper can be planted both indoors and outdoors.  It is important that the location you choose is very sunny, relatively warm and keeps the soil moist.

Do I have to plant the entire card?

It is preferable to bury a single layer of paper.  The paper can easily be cut into several pieces at the size that suits you.  Place the pieces of paper both vertically and horizontally in the soil.

How much soil should I put on top of the paper?

A light layer of soil (barely one centimetre thick) should be placed on top of the paper.  Remember that it is not the soil that allows the paper to germinate but the water.  You could very well put the paper in water with absorbent cotton and you would also get sprouts!

What kind of soil should I use?

Preferably use fine, rich soil for sowing or for potting flowering plants.  It is important that the soil retains moisture.  Soil with too much moss or perlite will give less good results.  It is always best to mix the soil with water before planting paper.

How much water should I put in?

Make sure that the paper is well soaked with water before you put it in the ground.  Then, water generously to keep the soil moist (about twice a day, until the shoots come out), otherwise the paper will dry out and so will the seeds.

How long does it take to have flowers?

As with any seed, it can take several months before a flower appears.  For example, if you plant a seed in your garden in May, you may not see the flower until August.  Some varieties grow faster than others.  Usually after 1 to 3 weeks, in ideal conditions (wet soil and sunshine) you will see small sprouts and after a few months you should see flowers.

Is it guaranteed that flowers will grow?

The seeds that are integrated in the payer are of excellent quality.  More than 90% of them are sprouts. However, we cannot guarantee that they will bloom because there are too many external factors beyond our control.  The success of your flowering will depend on the quality of the soil, the humidity level and the sunshine.